Road transport

A diverse fleet of nearly 100 our own vehicles and a circle of trusted transportation partners.

We are a transport company with 10 years of experience in the road transport market. We are not afraid of transporting goods burdened with short delivery times to the production line or to trade fairs and events. The modern and specialized vehicles of the JIT Logistik fleet go through the routes of Europe, Morocco and Turkey. We provide our Customers with comprehensive transportation services, including customs clearance.

We act, while

you are sleeping

When organizing transportation with JIT Logistik, we want to relieve you as much as possible of all your tasks and responsibilities.

We work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We transport small parcels, full-vehicle goods, as well as oversized cargo. All this with the option of tracking the car en route thanks to JIT Logistik's proprietary app.

  • High priority delivery
  • Door-to-door worldwide
  • Just in time
  • Dedicated transportation
  • Full truckloads, partial truckloads
  • Transportation of hazardous goods
  • Transportation of high-value goods
  • Temperature-controlled transportation

High priority delivery

For shipments that are urgent and where delay poses a risk of causing costs and problems, we offer services based on dedicated transportation and top priority delivery.

Door to door worldwide

Thanks to our experienced staff, membership in global organizations of the best forwarding companies around the world, and our tried-and-true solutions, we are able to provide you with transportation on any route. In addition, we also offer support with customs procedures, which, due to the variety of customs systems, quite often cause unpleasant surprises.

Just in Time

Nomen omen a form of delivery derived from Lean Management. Through our experience in organizing time-critical transports, we know how to arrange a delivery on time even if it is burdened with instant delivery time.

Dedicated transportation

A solution to reach for when you need to maintain the continuity of a production line in a factory, the operation of another business entity. By ordering a vehicle with reservation of the entire loading area, the risk of delays and failures is minimized.

Full truckloads, partial truckloads

Full truckload is a solution that turns out to be perfect when transporting huge quantities of one or different types of goods. Partial truckloads help optimize costs.

Transportation of hazardous goods

It requires know-how and maintenance of special procedures. Thanks to our experience, we know how to handle this type of cargo.

Transportation of high-value goods

The amount of high-value cargo transported has confirmed our know-how in this area of freight. In addition, our high standards and insurance packages provide a guarantee of reliable transportation.

Temperature-controlled transportation

We are able to carry out temperature-controlled transports in the range of -24°C to + 24°C.