Air freight

An experienced team of freight forwarders allows you to tailor an air service to your needs.

We provide express and economy deliveries for our customers. Aircharter, standard and economy airfreight, Courier On Board and NFO – this is our daily business. Our knowledge as well as a network of friendly and proven partners around the world allow us to organize shipments without geographical restrictions. With JIT Logistik the whole world is at your fingertips. We work for you 24/7/365.

By minimizing the risk of delays, you avoid the unpleasant consequences your company could suffer. We are flexible, which means we can tailor our offerings to your needs.

  • Economy air transport
  • OBC - On-Board Courier
  • Time Critical
  • Aircharter
  • NFO - Next Flight Out
  • Oversized cargo

Economy air transport

As an IATA certified agent, our company has direct access to airlines, which means that for lower priority shipments we are able to offer airline-based solutions that offer lower costs, but slightly longer shipment transit times.

OBC - On-Board Courier

On-Board Courier is a service we dedicate to goods that can be divided into parcels weighing up to 32 kg. A dedicated courier flies with your goods which are treated as carry-on or checked luggage. Such a solution reduces the time required for airport operations compared to air transportation based on scheduled cargo shipments and the use of airlines that do not offer cargo transportation. For instance Ryanair with its dense network of routes.

Time Critical

There are situations when delivery time is a top priority. Providing services to large automotive and aerospace companies, our team is well acquainted with situations where a production line is in danger of being stopped or an aircraft grounded. In such cases, we offer solutions to customers to achieve the intended delivery targets.


This is a dedicated solution that involves the service of renting an entire aircraft for the transportation of goods. For our Customers, we organize such transports when we have no possibility to deliver goods using regular air connections. The main reasons for organizing such transports are time constraints and shipment dimensions.

NFO - Next Flight Out

This is the highest standard in air transportation based on the existing route network. The highest service offered by the airlines, dedicated means of transport, express service at the airport, all this will ensure that your shipment arrives at the designated time.

Oversized cargo

Air transportation is not only parcels and pallets, but also large machinery and equipment. Our company offers a comprehensive service for the transportation of oversized goods. From pricing through organizing the packaging of the goods, supervision and consulting on transportation documentation to the transportation and delivery process itself.