Our fleet

Our fleet

FlotaTyp pojazduWymiaryŁadownośćCBMIlość miejsc paletowychOpcjonalnie
Bus plandeka420x220x220 cm1000 kg20 m38winda, otwierany dach
480x220x250 cm900 kg26 m310otwierany dach
Bus kontener420x210x210 cm700 kg18 m38winda
Bus "blaszak"370x175x185 cm1100 kg13 m35-
Solówka 7.5 DMC630x245x260 cm3000 kg40 m315winda, wys. rampowa 115 cm
Solówka 12 DMC770x248x300 cm4800 kg57 m318winda
Naczepa typu "Mega"1360x248x300 cm25000 kg100 m334Otwierany dach

Investments in the fleet

From the beginning, we have invested in a fleet of our own vehicles, which has been our priority.

With our own vehicles, we gain flexibility in logistics solutions and independence, which translates into an increased ability to complete road transport orders. Finally, having our own vehicles is a guarantee of quality service.

The development of our own fleet is a favour to our customers who are showing increased demand for cargo space availability. We have a full range of vehicles from minibuses to 40-ton combination vehicles. The equipment of vehicles is tailored to the requirements and needs of our Customers. All models are vehicles with Euro 6 emission standard.